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Sustainable Development Organization (SDO)


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“Sustainable Development Organization (SDO)” is a non-profit organization established in August 16, 2011 with aim to empower vulnerable communities and marginalized voiceless groups. SDO is registered as Non-for Profit Company in Joint Stock Companies & Firms AJ&K (#224 Mzd) under “The Companies Ordinance, 1984 u/section 42”. Its Head Office is located in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir with 01 field office in AJ&K and 01 liaison office in Islamabad. Its’ program areas are education, energy, health, livelihood, nature conservation and rural development and water; which are contributing UN SDGs. SDO is provincial (AJ&K) secretariat of “Pakistan Coalition for Education” and national chapter of “Consortium for Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development”. SDO has completed many successful projects in education, energy, health, livelihood, women development and child sponsorship. Our strength is the crew of volunteers and network of Community Organization (COs) and LSOs. While we have strong linkages with the local administration / departments where we work. SDO has a professional enthusiast senior management team having diversified skills and sound development approach.

2.    VISION:
A peaceful educated and prosperous society where everyone is enjoying their all human rights equally.

Foundation of organized, educated and peaceful society; support community to gearing socio-economic advancement and sustainable development realigned with sustainable development goals for the benefit of the vulnerable communities and marginalized groups. 


ü    Volunteerism & Cooperation
ü    Transparency and accountability
ü    Participatory development approach
ü    Human Right based approach, focusing Gender mainstreaming
ü    Community comes first, and
ü    Continuous improvement

We articulate opportunities, build capacity of community organizations / targeted groups, mobilize resources and implement for sustainable and self-reliant development with active community participation. As well as support, the vulnerable groups, under privileged women, youth and children to eradicate poverty through economic empowerment, adequate education, health facilities and services.

SDO is right based organization working for empowerment of the communities especially focusing the vulnerable. The approach is on community centered, action oriented and sustainability. SDO is committed to work in the best interest of underprivileged and vulnerable communities through participatory development strategy and under the provided mandate by the community. After formation a community organizations will be trained to identify their problem and prepare village Profile, development plan to provide a sound information base for the future for sustainable development. COs at grass root level will be linked with overall organizational framework and the apex forum at district level through the organizational development process. The ultimate aim of the organization is to act as democratic and mandatory organization in order to empower the people who can strive for self-reliant development.


7.1: Board of Directors:
In governance, SDO has a Board of Directors consisting 07 members.  Members of the Board of Directors are elected after a proper democratic election process. BoD has a Chief Executive, a Chairman and five (05) Directors. The tenure of the Chief Executive and Chairman is 03 years, however if the BoD members wish to bring any change an Exra-Ordinary General Meeting can be called for the resolution of the matter. If any Board member resigns, then new Director is elected from the Advisory Board (AB) of SDO through process mentioned in Memorandum & Articles.

Khurram J. Shahid
Chief Executive
Social Entrepreneur, Consultant 
MBA (Finance)
Mumtaz Hussain
Director (Programs & Operations
Researcher, environment expert
M.Phil (Botany), PHD (Botany)
Ms. Shaista Rehman
Women Entrepreneur, business development
M.Sc  (Economics)
Siddique Hussain
Director (Training & Research)
Trainer, researcher, consultant
M.Sc, M.Phil  (Rural Development)
Atiq-ur-Rehman Qureshi
Director (Advocacy Section)
Adult literacy, education
M.A (Education)
Ms. Sadia Qureshi
(Head of DRR Section)
DRR Expert
M.A (Political Science)
Ms. Robina Bashir
(Primary health care)
Maternal & child health care, basic health care
M.A (P.S)

7.2: Advisory Board:
The Advisory Board (AB) is consisting of 09 members, while it’s a diverse pool of professional persons working within Development, media and public sectors. These expert people technically guide and lead different programs of SDO on voluntarily basis. The members of the AB are working as managers / head of department in INGOs and individual consultants.



SDO has a strong accountability & good governance system. Policies & procedures are developed for all the sections including organizational management. The organizational management is effective due to strict following the organizational SOPs / policies. All the members are encouraged to ask and participate in overall matters / affairs of the organization and the different programmes. The progress review and planning events are organized frequently, in which the Board members are invited for the contribution in planning and taking important decisions.

The finance record is maintained accordingly the SDO Financial SOPs. So by following all the policies and procedures the accountability and transparency in each step is ensured. SDO ensures that project funds are recorded and maintained in accordance with accounting practices. SDO has strong internal controls system sufficient to ensure the accuracy, transparency and reliability of financial information.  The project’s financial transactions / record are audited annually by independent firm of Auditors.

ü    Chief Executive and Chairman of SDO are the development sector professional
ü    Good Governance structure of Board, comprising social sector professionals
ü    No Family relationship between Board Members
ü    Sound Policies & Procedures as well its effective implementation.
ü    Effective Program Implementation
ü    Good Reporting & Documentation System
ü    Good financial record keeping (in Quick Books Software)
ü    Low Risk in rating by USAID programs after evaluation
ü    Good linkages with local administration / departments
ü    Effective linkages with NGOs and Civil Society Groups including women.
ü    Annual audit; good internal control systems to ensure accountability mechanism.
ü    Gender equity in organizational management

10.           CORE PROGRAMS:

Program title
Geographical area
Major Achievements of the Project
Orphan Support Program
Azad Kashmir, Islamabad, Gilgit Baltistan
·         Supporting 100+ Orphans in education every year
Health for All
Azad Kashmir
·         Supporting in basic health facilities across Azad Kashmir

11.           CURRENT PROJECTS:

Project Title
Partner / Donor
Project Duration
Geographical area
Major Achievements of the Project
Empowering communities through health services
Kashmir Fund Denmark
Jan 2018 – Sep - 2018
Neelum / Muzaffarabad (AJ&K)
·         Establishment of 06 maternity centres.
·         Free Medical Camp for 3000-3500 people
·         Training of 25 CMWs
Construction of Maternity Centre
Jul 2018-June 2019
Neelum Valley
·         Construction of Maternity Centre will benefit 10000 people

12.           PROJECTS COMPLETED (2012-2017)

Project Title
Partner / Donor
Project Duration 
Geographical area
Major Achievements of the Project
Establish of Trout Fish Form (Gold Water)
AJ&K Wildlife & Fisheries Dept
Jul-Dec 2017
District Neelum
Established a Trout Fish Form (Gold Water) in village Phullawai Gurase Valley.
Economic Empowerment of Kashmiri Female Artisans through Skills Enhancement
Aug 2016 – May - 2017

Muzaffarabad (AJ&K)
Economically empowered 160 female artisans through Skill enhancement as well as enhancing their marketing and enterprise development. Developed their linkages with institutions and individuals for the establishment of their home based setups.
Construction of Girls Model School in Phullawai
Embassy of Japan
Apr 2016- Mar 2017
Neelum (AJ&K)
Providing quality education to children (100 annually) of poor families in Neelum Valley.
Empowering Citizens for accountability in Education system
Mar 2015 –
Mar 2016
(AJK) Hatian, Neelum, Muzaffarabad
Research & Advocacy on Education Reforms through strengthening Civil Society, Media for Improved governance & accountability in Education System (50,000 beneficiaries).
Hydro Power Project 50 KW 

Jan 2015
Dec 2015
(Janawai, Neelum AJ&K)
Construction of Micro Hydro Power Project 50 KW in Janawai Gurase Valley; provided electricity to more than 250 households
Zakariah  Maternity Centre   
Individual Donor (UK)
(Sep-Nov 2015)
Phullawai, District Neelum
Maternity & Child Care Centre has been established through which a population of 7,000 population (Women & children) is benefiting in UC Gurase Valley District  Neelum.
Social Accountability Research
Pakistan Coalition for Education
June 2015
Muzaffarabad (AJ&K)
Research & Publication on Social Accountability and Education Budget tracking
Establishment of Maternity & Child Care Centre
Kashmir Fund, Denmark
(APR-DEC 2015)
(Haveli, AJ&K)
SDO has established Maternity & Child Care Centre through which population of 10,000 persons are benefiting in Kalamoola District Haveli.
Education Sponsorship Program
CSP Pakistan /
July –Dec  2014
Muzaffarabad, Hatian (AJ&K)
Provided free books and uniform and annual school fee of 100 students
Advocacy on Child Rights in Kashmir
Child Rights Movement (Pakistan)
Jan-Dec 2014
State of AJ&K
*  Advocacy on Legislation of Child protection Policy and enactment of Article 25-A
* RTE Campaign
*  Campaigns to end all violence against children
* Campaigns to ban child domestic labour
*  Capacity Building CSOs on Child Rights Advocacy
Hydro Power Project
July-Dec 2013
Neelum (AJ&K)
Rehabilitation of Micro Hydro Power Project 50 KW in Gurase Valley providing electricity to more than 300 households
Research on Education Budget Tracking
Pakistan Coalition for Education
The Research on Education Budget Tracking has benefitted the stakeholders in working for education.
Right to Education
Pakistan Coalition for Education
Bagh, Muzaffarabad, Neelum (AJ&K)
Awareness raising among the Civil Society more than 10,000 people, and influenced the politicians and policy makers for legislation & effective implementation of RTE in Kashmir.
Skill Development Program وسیلہ روزگار
ERP Institute of Management
Jan-June 2013
Neelum (AJ&K)
Improved livelihood 353 families by skill enhancement & stipend to  353 people (295 women & 58 men) through Vocational Training Program (VTP)
Water Supply Schemes
May- Dec 2013
Neelum Valley (AJ&K
Water Supply schemes in 01 village benefited more than 1000 people in Gurase Valley  through provision of clean and safe drinking water
Hydro Power / Irrigation Channel
July – Nov 2012
 Neelum (AJ&K)
Improved livelihood of more than 2000 people by Irrigation Channel construction
Research & Advocacy on Nature Conservation
 Neelum (AJ&K)
Research and Advocacy campaign created awareness among 3500 people, while 5 VCC managers are sensitized to nature conservation
Free Medical Camps
Neelum (AJ&K)
Improved health of 500 people through free medicine / medical camp for poor community
Construction of Primary School shelter in Neelum Valley
Iqra Educational System
Neelum (AJ&K)
Constructed shelter of Girls’ Primary School in District Neelum, to empower 120 local girls (annually) through safe environment.


Network organized by SDO
Child Rights Movement (CRM)
January 01, 2014
Pakistan Coalition for Education
March 01, 2012

14.           MEMBERSHIP

Name of Network/Organization
Date of Membership
 Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction
Nov 08, 2018
National Action & Coordinating Group against Violence against Children (NACG)
June 2015
National Humanitarian Network (NHN)
September 30, 2014
Trust Law International (UK)
Oct 7, 2013
World Wide fund for Nature (WWF) Pakistan
May 20, 2013
Child Rights Movement (CRM)
Jun 10, 2012
Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCE)
Jan 01, 2012