Governance Structure


Advisory Board:
The Advisory Board (AB) is consisting of 9-11 members, while it’s a diverse pool of professional persons working within Development, media and public sectors. These expert people technically guide and lead different programs of SDO on voluntarily basis. The members of the AB are working as managers / head of department in INGOs and individual consultants.

Board of Directors:
In governance, SDO has a Board of Directors consisting 07 members.  Members of the Board of Directors are elected after a proper democratic election process. BoD has a Chief Executive, a Chairman and five (05) Directors. The tenure of the Chief Executive and Chairman is 03 years, however if the BoD members wish to bring any change an Exra-Ordinary General Meeting can be called for the resolution of the matter. If any Board member resigns, then new Director is elected from the Advisory Board (AB) of SDO through process mentioned in Memorandum & Articles.

Board of Directors 2019-2021