Thematic Areas


#Thematic AreaSub-Thematic Area
1Child Rights1.       Rights & protection2.       Child labour
3.       Girl Child
4.       Special Children Rights
2Education and Research1.       Research Studies2.       Advocacy for RTE
3.       Primary /Adult Education,
4.       Inclusive Education
5.       Early childhood,
6.       Post-primary education)
3Health1.       Primary health care2.       MNCH
3.       Health & Hygiene
4.       Medical camps in remote areas
4Sustainable Community Development1.       Poverty Alleviation2.       Rural Development
3.       Youth Development
4.       Sustainable Livelihood
5.       Vocational training,
6.       Agriculture
7.       Economic Empowerment of Women
5Good Governance – Human Rights 1.       Child rights / Child protection2.       Vulnerable groups, Civil society strengthening,
3.       Women’s Issues,
4.       Ensuring and promoting accountability with various stakeholders
6WASH & Energy 1.       Renewable Energy (Hydro Power, Solar Power) etc2.       Clean drinking Water
3.       Sanitation
7Biodiversity Conservation1.       Wildlife Conservation2.       Natural Resource Management
3.       Forests Protection & Re-forestation
8Strengthen Community Organizations1.       Institutional development2.       Capacity Building of Community Organizations
3.       Train & mobilize local Activists to participate in development
4.       Good governance in Local Organizations