Sunday, February 3, 2019

Economic Empowerment of Kashmiri Female

Title of the Project: “Economic Empowerment of Kashmiri Female Artisans through Skills Enhancement”

Objectives of the project:

To economically empower 160 female artisans from 06 villages of UCs Gojra and Chattar Domel, District Muzaffarabad through:
Mapping of female artisans in proposed area and development of database of local business entities related to handicrafts.
Enhancing skills of 100 artisans in Needle Work (Kashmiri Embroidery), 60 artisans’ in Aar Work (Gaba Sazi) through advance skill training
Training of 160 artisans in basics of Business Development and Management
Linking the artisans with various business entities, stake holders and arranging their participation in Lok Virsa Islamabad exhibition and visit to the handicraft markets in Islamabad.

Donor: U.S. Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP)

Identification and Enrollment of Trainees:

Beneficiaries will be identified from the developed data base/profiles of artisans. It will also be ensured at this stage that only one beneficiary is shortlisted per family/ household. The project team will identify artisans from the developed profiles, based on the following criteria;
18 years of age or older.
Possess basic skills among any of the 02 selected trades’ i.e. Needle Work (Kashmiri Embroidery) and Aar Work (Gaba Sazi) proposed in the project.
Must pass the preliminary skills assessment test (that will be conducted by trainers/experts) in the respective skill.
Permanent resident of the target area (village/UC).
Belong to a household with monthly family income not more than PKR 8,000.
Must be motivated and willing to attend 04 hours training daily during the training period.
Willing to take up demands/orders as and when given.
Widows, female headed households and disabled will be preferred as beneficiaries.
Having support of the male head of the family.

Targeted Beneficiaries
UCs No. of beneficiaries
Gojra 160
Chattar Domel

After verification, the shortlisted applicants will be called for skills assessment test and interview at vocational centers established under the project in each selected UC. Participants will be asked to bring their own material for basic test. Project Coordinator will be responsible to conduct the basic skills assessment and interview of candidates in 02 selected trades i.e. Needle Work (Kashmiri Embroidery) and Aar Work (Gaba Sazi). Based on the test and interview score, 100 participants will be selected for Needle Work and 60 participants will be selected for Aar Work.