Friday, July 16, 2021


Appeal To Support

Under Maternal Child Health Program, we have a vision of a state where all women, wherever they live, can
 give birth safely and without fear. We need your help to make that vision a reality.
On average it costs just USD 1520 to save a mother’s life during childbirth, whatever you can afford will
help to make a huge difference.

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According to the statistic, Globally 529,000 women die annually due to pregnancy related problems and in Pakistan alone this toll is about 35,000 deaths per annum. The state of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has manifold health issues including lack of infrastructure, modern health equipment and qualified and trained medical human resource. The status of maternal and child health is very poor in the remote and mountainous areas of AJK. The maternal mortality ratio (MMR) of AJK ranges from 201 /100,000 live births. This situation is even more critical in the rural remote areas of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK).

To overcome the issue related to mother and child health, Sustainable Development Organization has been established the 24 maternity and child health center to all vulnerable and remote communities of AJK under its Maternal Child Health Program. Under this valuable program more than 4965 mothers obtain direct and 39720 people obtain indirect benefit.

Mother and Child Care center - UC Lamnian 

The far flung and deprived union council Lamnian of district Muzaffarabad has bee provided with the establishment of Mother and Child Care center through the family of departed soul Ms. Mariam Touseef. She was 32 years young lady scummbed due to corona and passed away in 2020. The center has been established in memory of Mariam Touseef by the family living in United Kingdom. The center will be equipped with services of trained lady health worker offering services 24/7. The center will accommodate big number of women living in the area and it will minimize the death ratio of women during the delivery cases. The center will not only provide delivery services to women but also taking care of new born babies. Mr. Arshad CEO Sustainable development organization while talking to media said that annually thousands of women die while giving birth to children and it is painful that it happens because of unavailability of health facilities. However, with the establishment of Mariam Touseef Mother and Child Care Center the women of district Jehlum valley especially the women UC Lamnian will have delivery services during child birth. This is indeed a fancy that majority of AJK population lives in remote and mountainous areas having no or little access. To facilitate such people SDO requests the community living abroad to come forward and help us to built hundreds of mother and child care center through out AJK.