Projects Completed


Project TitlePartner / DonorProject Duration Geographical areaMajor Achievements of the Project
Establish of Trout Fish Form (Gold Water)AJ&K Wildlife & Fisheries DeptJul-Dec 2017District NeelumEstablished a Trout Fish Form (Gold Water) in village Phullawai Gurase Valley.
Economic Empowerment of Kashmiri Female Artisans through Skills EnhancementSGAFP-NRSPAug 2016 – May – 2017 Muzaffarabad (AJ&K)Economically empowered 160 female artisans through Skill enhancement as well as enhancing their marketing and enterprise development. Developed their linkages with institutions and individuals for the establishment of their home based setups.
Construction of Girls Model School in PhullawaiEmbassy of JapanApr 2016- Mar 2017Neelum (AJ&K)Provide quality education to children (100 annually) of poor families in Neelum Valley.
Empowering Citizens for accountability in Education systemCVP- TDEAMar 2015 –Mar 2016(AJK) Hatian, Neelum, MuzaffarabadResearch & Advocacy on Education Reforms through strengthening Civil Society, Media for Improved governance & accountability in Education System (50,000 beneficiaries).
Hydro Power Project 50 KWADP (USA) Jan 2015-
Dec 2015
(Janawai, Neelum AJ&K)Construction of Micro Hydro Power Project 50 KW in Janawai Gurase Valley; provided electricity to more than 250 households
Zakariah  Maternity CentreIndividual Donor (UK)(Sep-Nov 2015)Phullawai, District NeelumMaternity & Child Care Centre has been established through which a population of 7,000 population (Women & children) is benefiting in UC Gurase Valley District  Neelum.
Social Accountability ResearchPakistan Coalition for EducationJune 2015Muzaffarabad (AJ&K)Research & Publication on Social Accountability and Education Budget tracking
Establishment of Maternity & Child Care CentreKashmir Fund, Denmark(APR-DEC 2015)(Haveli, AJ&K)SDO has established Maternity & Child Care Centre through which population of 10,000 persons are benefiting in Kalamoola District Haveli.
Education Sponsorship ProgramIQRA InstituteJuly –Dec  2014Muzaffarabad, Hatian (AJ&K)Provided free books and uniform and annual school fee of 100 students
Advocacy on Child Rights in KashmirChild Rights Movement (Pakistan)Jan-Dec 2014State of AJ&K*  Advocacy on Legislation of Child protection Policy and enactment of Article 25-A* RTE Campaign
*  Campaigns to end all violence against children
* Campaigns to ban child domestic labour
*  Capacity Building CSOs on Child Rights Advocacy
Hydro Power ProjectADP (USA)July-Dec 2013Neelum (AJ&K)Rehabilitation of Micro Hydro Power Project 50 KW in Gurase Valley providing electricity to more than 300 households
Research on Education Budget TrackingPakistan Coalition for Education2013 (AJ&K)The Research on Education Budget Tracking has benefitted the stakeholders in working for education.
Right to EducationPakistan Coalition for Education2013Bagh, Muzaffarabad,Neelum (AJ&K)Awareness raising among the Civil Society more than 10,000 people, and influenced the politicians and policy makers for legislation & effective implementation of RTE in Kashmir.
Skill Development Program وسیلہ روزگارERP Institute of ManagementJan-June 2013Neelum (AJ&K)Improved livelihood 353 families by skill enhancement & stipend to  353 people (295 women & 58 men) through Vocational Training Program (VTP)
Water Supply SchemesSDOMay- Dec 2013Neelum Valley (AJ&KWater Supply schemes in 01 village benefited more than 1000 people in Gurase Valley  through provision of clean and safe drinking water
Hydro Power / Irrigation ChannelKIRF – UKJuly – Nov 2012 Neelum (AJ&K)Improved livelihood of more than 2000 people by Irrigation Channel construction
Research & Advocacy on Nature ConservationSDO2012 Neelum (AJ&K)Research and Advocacy campaign created awareness among 3500 people, while 5 VCC managers are sensitized to nature conservation
Free Medical CampsSDO2012Neelum (AJ&K)Improved health of 500 people through free medicine / medical camp for poor community