About us

SDO Introduction:

“Sustainable Development Organization (SDO)” is a non-profit organization established in August 16, 2011 with aim to empower vulnerable communities and marginalized voiceless groups. SDO is registered as Non-for Profit Company in Joint Stock Companies & Firms AJ&K (#224 Mzd) under “The Companies Ordinance, 1984 u/section 42”. Its geographical working areas are Azad Jammu & Kashmir state and rural areas of Islamabad / Rawalpindi. Its’ program areas are education, energy, health, livelihood, women empowerment, rural development, bio-diversity conservation, humanitarian and WatSan in-line with SDGs. SDO is provincial (AJ&K) secretariat of “Pakistan Coalition for Education” and “Pakistan Development Alliance”. Our strength is the crew of volunteers and network of Community Organization (COs) and LSOs. While to achieve SDGs we have developed the partnerships with the government departments / local administration and the local Civil Society Organizations.


  1. Volunteerism & Cooperation
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Participatory development approach
  4. Human Right based approach, focusing Gender mainstreaming
  5. Community comes first, and
  6. Continuous improvement

We articulate opportunities, build capacity of community organizations / targeted groups, mobilize resources and implement for sustainable and self-reliant development with active community participation. As well as support, the vulnerable groups, under privileged women, youth and children to eradicate poverty through economic empowerment, adequate education, health facilities and services.

SDO is right based organization working for empowerment of the communities especially focusing the vulnerable. The approach is on community centered, action oriented and sustainability. SDO is committed to work in the best interest of underprivileged and vulnerable communities through participatory development strategy and under the provided mandate by the community. After formation a community organizations will be trained to identify their problem and prepare village Profile, development plan to provide a sound information base for the future for sustainable development. COs at grass root level will be linked with overall organizational framework and the apex forum at district level through the organizational development process. The ultimate aim of the organization is to act as democratic and mandatory organization in order to empower the people who can strive for self-reliant development.

Registration Certificates
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